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Two MNCM Depression Measures Gain NQF Endorsement

In March, the National Quality Forum (NQF) newly endorsed two MN Community Measurement depression measures: depression response at six months and depression response at 12 months. These join three other MNCM depression measures that were previously endorsed by NQF (depression remission at six months, depression remission at 12 months, and depression PHQ-9 utilization).

MNCM has publicly reported depression measures since 2010; currently, we report on seven measures related to depression. To learn more, visit

The recently-endorsed measures are also under consideration during the 2015 Federal Rule Making process for inclusion in Meaningful Use, Patient Quality Reporting System (PQRS), Physician Compare, and Physician Feedback/Value-Based Payment Modifier programs.

Measures that have been endorsed by NQF are considered the gold standard for health care measurement in the United States. The federal government and many private sector entities use NQF-endorsed measures in their programs due to the thoroughness and consensus process behind them. Read more about NQF endorsement here.

MNCM has developed and implemented seven NQF-endorsed measures. In addition to the five depression measures noted above, NQF also previously endorsed MNCM’s Optimal Diabetes Care and Optimal Vascular Care measures.