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Upcoming MNCM Reports

MNCM is launching a new report series this fall, organizing results by measurement focus area. These reports bring together performance results on both quality and health equity for measures relevant in each category.

The series is intended to provide a more in-depth, user-friendly view of measure results that can more effectively draw attention to the wealth of data that MNCM publishes, engage stakeholder audiences more effectively, inform discussions, and catalyze improvement.

The new reports present content more concisely using design, context, and streamlined visual displays. The 2018 series will include reports on the following themes:

  • The first report in the series will be on depression measures, scheduled for release in late October.
  • Other topic reports will focus on chronic and acute conditions, preventive health screenings, and child and adolescent health.
  • MNCM will continue to publish summary reports for cost, quality, health equity, and disparities.