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Updated Colorectal, Asthma REL tools available

Reports available to medical groups with Colorectal Cancer Screening and Optimal Asthma Care (Adult and Pediatric) rates stratified by race, Hispanic ethnicity, country of origin and preferred language are now updated with 2014 reporting year data and available through the MNCM Data Portal.

These reports, along with others for Diabetes and Vascular Care, are part of a suite of tools that allow medical groups and clinics to become aware of and reflect on disparities within their own organization, and identify areas for improvement. This is part of MNCM’s effort to continually provide actionable information to support quality improvement processes.

These tools are available to medical groups and clinics that provide race-ethnicity-language (REL) data to MNCM using best practices. They include statewide and medical group charts, as well as blinded rate distribution charts. The tools can be accessed by logging into the MNCM Data Portal.

MNCM highly values and appreciates the impact that our medical group partners have on our mission by submitting data. It is through your contributions that we are able to provide these reports back to you for quality improvement efforts.