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Updated D5 and V4 materials available

MN Community Measurement is pleased to present newly updated resources for patients with diabetes or vascular disease. The D5 for Diabetes and The V4 for Vascular Health highlight treatment goals that represent the gold standard for managing diabetes and vascular disease.

The D5 for Diabetes resources were originally created by MN Community Measurement to make it easier for people with diabetes to work with their health care provider to set and achieve goals to manage their disease. We expanded the collection to now also support patients with vascular disease. Both the Health Tracker and the 11″x14″ posters reflect current care standards along with a fresh, new look. In addition, we’ve developed a simple process for providers to request free templates to create and share co-branded D5/V4 materials from MNCM.

The D5 for Diabetes/The V4 for Vascular Health Goals

  1. Control blood pressure
  2. Lower bad cholesterol
  3. Maintain blood sugar (D5 only)
  4. Be tobacco-free
  5. Take aspirin as recommended

Reaching all of the treatment goals greatly lowers the risk for the health problems associated with diabetes or vascular disease. These materials encourage people with diabetes or vascular disease to learn about their health management goals and work with their health care team to reach them. Visit to learn more about quality care for diabetes and vascular disease in Minnesota.