Measure Development & Refinement

Do you want to develop a measure? Do you already have a measure that needs to be enhanced or refined? MNCM is highly skilled in measure development, testing and endorsement. Since 2002, we have collected, analyzed and reported health care information on a wide variety of procedures, conditions and types of care sites. We currently publically report on more than 70 cost, quality and patient experience measures, with numerous additional measures in development.

Throughout our 12 years, we’ve advanced our measurement development process to provide:

  • Innovative, evidence-based measure creation and refinement
  • Creation of detailed, feasible specifications for data collection and implementation
  • Diverse data sets to draw from for testing
  • Robust piloting that incorporates key stakeholders
  • Expertise working with data from disparate sources
  • Credibility to move your measure through to acceptance

Measure Development

We’ve spent years fine tuning our process, including involving a wide variety of stakeholders, to make it as efficient as possible. Each stage of our standard process has been thoroughly tested; but can be customized to meet your needs and goals.

The general stages of our standard process include:

Measure concept

Measure Concept – Focuses on a population, clinical condition, procedure, or where care takes place.

Evaluate impact

Evaluate Impact – Research the evidence that has been published on the concept, what impact the topic has on society, whether there’s an opportunity for improvement, and what measures already exist in the local and national environments.

Create workgroup

Create Workgroup – The Workgroup has a variety of stakeholders knowledgeable about measurement and reporting practices as well as the measurement topic.

Develop measure

Develop Measure – Workgroup members gain consensus on data sources, population and measure targets, how to calculate the measure, what data to collect in order to make meaningful comparisons, and which tools may be needed.

Seek opinions

Seek Opinions – Host a public comment period so the community at large can review and comment.

Get approval

Get Approval – Review the measure details and public comments, and gain final approval.

Pilot measure

Pilot Measure – Recruit medical groups and clinics to participate in the measure pilot and support them throughout the process with education and technical support.

Refine measure

Refine Measure – Apply lessons learned during the pilot period to improve the measure.

Implement measure

Implement Measure – Data collection and submission are conducted on a schedule.

Share results

Share Results – Once reviewed, the measure results are ready to be shared.

Once reviewed, the measure results are ready for public use.

MNCM publishes the measure rates in its annual Health Care Quality Report, its annual Disparities Report, and on Health care providers can use the data in quality improvement efforts. People who use health care can identify how well their clinic is performing, use the data to talk with their providers or to help choose providers.

Measure Review & Refinement

Ongoing evaluation of existing measures is necessary to ensure MNCM measures are of the most value to the community. The principles of measure evaluation criteria are applicable during measure development and hold through the review and maintenance of a measure as well. Criteria for determining the value of a measure must include (e.g., all four criteria must be met):

    1. Consistent with evidence-based standards of care and guidelines
    2. Address a high-priority aspect of health care; (e.g., high disease burden, high resource use, severity of illness)
    3. Demonstrate gap in performance
    4. Reliability and validity

Additional criteria for consideration include:

    1.  Feasibility and burden
    2. Current use of measure in accountability programs and/or quality improvement activities
    3. Harmonization with existing local and national measures and/or programs

Policy and Guidance

MNCM’s Measurement and Reporting Committee (MARC) is a committee of the board with a broad membership of community stakeholders. The committee recommends both measurement priorities and specifications to the MNCM Board of Directors and also recommends guiding principles and/or policies for MNCM’s public reporting of measures. The MARC is supported by measure development work groups established by MNCM staff at the direction of the MARC. The work groups recommend draft measurement specifications and data collection plans.

MARC recommendations are informed by  national measures where available, and the MARC consults with the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement on the most recent guidelines approved by Minnesota clinicians based on a review of national research and evidence.