Measure Testing

All measures are not created equal. Measuring health care is the critical first step to improving it. It can be challenging to develop and test reliable, relevant specifications that will be endorsed by organizations such as the National Quality Forum (NQF).

MN Community Measurement (MNCM) has a unique and critical role with collecting and reporting health care cost, quality and patient experience information. Our seven NQF endorsed measures are a testament to our expertise in measure development and testing.


Testing for validity and reliability

MNCM conducts validity testing to determine if quality measures truly measure what they are designed to measure, and conducts reliability testing to determine if measures yield stable, consistent results. Validity testing is done to see if the concept behind the measure reflects the quality of care that is provided to a patient and if the measure, as specified, accurately assesses the intended quality concept. Reliability testing is done to see if calculated performance scores are reproducible.


Program endorsement

In addition to designing and maintaining seven NQF-endorsed measures, a number of our measures are included in different CMS payment programs. Additionally, within Minnesota, we’ve worked to get our measures accepted for pay for performance programs, such as Minnesota Bridges to Excellence and the Quality Incentive Payment System. We also test the reliability and validity of measures for third parties.

We put measures through a rigorous process before they are submitted for endorsement or inclusion in any Federal programs. MNCM uses the following guiding principles:

  1. Meaningful
  2. Evidence based
  3. Opportunity for improvement
  4. Actionable
  5. Credible
  6. Feasible
  7. Alignment

Measures Lab

The MNCM Measures Lab

Since 2002, we have collected, analyzed and reported health care information on a wide variety of procedures, conditions and types of care sites. Knowing that conducting measure testing can be a challenge for organizations, MNCM’s Measures Lab was created to provide expertise in testing your newly-developed performance measures before they are submitted for endorsement or adopted into federal programs.

  • Our Measures Lab is designed to support measure developers that need to collect data, and test the reliability and validity of quality measures, before submitting them to the National Quality Forum for endorsement or for adoption into programs such as the Physician Quality Reporting System.

The MNCM Measures Lab will help you:

  • Translate your measure specifications into field specifications that can be used by health care providers to extract and submit data specific to your measure
  • Streamline the collection and analysis of data for your newly-developed measure
  • Recruit medical groups and clinics interested in participating in pilot testing of your measure
  • Conduct reliability and validation testing to support endorsement and adoption of your measure.

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