Commercial Support Guidelines

Balancing Commercial Interests and Maintaining Objectivity

MNCM takes transparency and objectivity very seriously. To avoid any perception of bias, MNCM has established a series of guidelines for engagement of commercial interests. A commercial interest is any entity producing, marketing, re-selling, or distributing health care goods or services consumed by, or used on patients. Providers of clinical services directly to patients, and health and liability insurers, are not commercial interests – unless the provider of clinical services or insurer is owned, or controlled by, a commercial interest.

MNCM will not engage commercial interests or their representatives in the following activities:

  • Identification/participation of commercial interests as a “member” of MNCM
  • Participation on workgroups or technical expert panels focused on measure development, quality reporting, cost reporting, or any group where there is potential to influence policy, analysis of data, content planning, or development of materials for public reporting
  • Participation in planning or content development for educational programming
  • Participation in the development of communications materials disseminated through MNCM communication channels

MNCM may seek general contributions in support of mission related activities from all stakeholders, including commercial interests. MNCM may recognize those providing general contributions in communications or at events, provided language is included outlining the guardrails established to ensure the integrity and prevent bias in the work products released by MNCM.