The MNCM Annual Conference is September 25!


Everyone benefits when the quality and affordability of health care improves in our community. Measuring health care quality and costs are a critical first step to support improvement.

MNCM was formed as a community resource where all health care stakeholders – whether they buy, manage, provide, deliver, oversee, or receive health care – come together and mutually invest in improvement for a better tomorrow.

We strive to deliver data and information that is timely, actionable, and relevant for each stakeholder to fulfill their role in advancing improvement and affordability.

Current Members

We extend our thanks to our current members actively supporting MNCM and furthering our mission.  We invite all stakeholders to join us in supporting this vital effort for our community.


MNCM offers membership options for medical groups, health care payers, and health related advocacy organizations to help support our mission. Please consider joining as a member of MNCM.

Sponsorship Opportunities

MNCM values engagement by employers and industry partners in supporting the MNCM mission.  We invite you to get involved with MNCM through sponsorship that supports:

  • Programs and events designed to bring the community together to share best practices, lessons learned, and achievements – and to provide input on plans for how we can continue to improve together.
  • Development of community reports and resources designed to increase awareness of the status of health care quality and affordability in our community and shed light on areas where improvement is needed.

Opportunities are posted on the MNCM website throughout the year.