MNCM Annual Reports

Each year, MNCM releases an annual report to the community highlighting key accomplishments. We welcome your engagement and ongoing input on how we can continue to evolve our services to support continuous improvement.

MNCM offers a dynamic option to review data on publicly reported measures.  MNHealthScores is where you can find unbiased, trustworthy information on how hospitals, medical groups and clinics perform on both clinical quality and cost measures. This information can be used to inform smart choices about medical care.  Specifically, it helps consumers:

  • Compare and choose clinics based on quality and cost ratings
  • Understand the care you should expect to receive and what questions to ask your doctor
  • Learn how to save money on your care

The information collected to create the ratings on this site comes from a wide variety of sources including clinic, medical group and hospital electronic health records; insurance company claims databases; state databases; and national databases.  The data submitted by clinics and medical groups are checked for accuracy before being included on MNHealthScores. The information is updated regularly; most clinic, medical group and hospital ratings are updated annually.

Community Reports

MNCM reports provide comparative data and analysis that benefit all the stakeholders we serve.  Empowered with this information, consumers can see how care varies across providers, providers have visibility to how their performance compares to others and where their biggest improvement opportunities are, and health care payers and other purchasers better understand and improve value for money that is spent on health care.

This report highlights health care cost trends and drivers of cost growth in the region and includes data that consumers can use to compare costs of different providers.

2021 Report - Appendices 

Previous Reports: 2020 Report - Appendices 2019 Report - Appendices | 2018 Report - Appendices | 2017 Report & Appendices 

The annual MNCM Health Care Quality Report features comparative data on medical group and clinic level performance on key measures, plus statewide results.  Consumers can use this information to compare quality performance of different providers and see how their providers are performing in comparison to the statewide average.

2020 Report | 2020 Appendices: Preventive Health | Chronic Conditions | Mental Health Screening | Adolescent Depression: Six Month Measures | Adolescent Depression: 12 Month Measures | Adult Depression: Six Month Measures | Adult Depression: 12 Month Measures

Previous Reports: 2019 Report | 2019 Appendices | 2018 | 2017 

The MNCM and DHS Disparities by Insurance Type report presents statewide and medical group rates of performance on quality measures for patients in Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP). It also includes differences in rates of care provided by medical groups between patients insured through MHCP and those insured through other forms of health care insurance, such as commercial or Medicare-managed care.

2020 Report | 2020 Appendices: Methodology | Chronic Conditions | Mental Health | Preventive Health

Previous Reports: 2019 Report | 2019 Appendices | 2019 Methodology | 2018 Report | 2018 Appendices | 2018 Methodology2017 Report

This report features information on health care outcomes in several areas, including Optimal Diabetes Care; Optimal Vascular Care; Optimal Asthma Care for Adults; Optimal Asthma Care for Children; Colorectal Cancer Screening; and more.  Results for these measures are stratified by race, Hispanic ethnicity, preferred language, and country of origin (RELC) and reported at statewide and regional levels. 

2020 Report | 2020 Appendix Tables: Medical Group Level Results by Race/Ethnicity | Language | Country of Origin

Previous Reports: 2019 Report | 2019 Appendices | 2018 Report | 2018 Appendices | 2018 Methodology | 2017