MNHealthScores is where you can find unbiased, trustworthy information on how hospitals, medical groups and clinics perform on both clinical quality and cost measures. This information can be used to inform smart choices about medical care. Consumers can use the data on this site to compare and choose clinics based on quality and cost ratings

The data used to create the ratings on this site comes from a wide variety of sources including clinic, medical group and hospital electronic health records; insurance company claims databases; state databases; and national databases. The data submitted by clinics and medical groups are checked for accuracy before being included in MNHealthScores.

 Information included on MNHealthScores is updated three times annually, as measurement cycles conclude and new data are available.

Medical Groups

MNHealthScores tracks various measures for Medical Groups in Minnesota. Take a look at the Medical Group Index to view profiles of each medical group and see data on quality and cost of care (if applicable).


For certain measures, MNHealthScores are available at the clinic level. View the clinic index to access profiles of each clinic with data on the quality of care delivered at that site.