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A New Approach for Data Sharing Among Health Care Payers and Providers // Recorded 01/13/2021

This webinar provides an introduction to the Common Health Information Reporting Partnership (CHIRP) and the new CHIRP data standards that have been developed collaboratively by health care providers and payers to improve the efficiency and ease of data sharing. This webinar highlights the types of information that are shared between payers and providers, the importance of standardization, and how this information can be used to improve patient outcomes and coordination of care. It also includes information on how health care payers and providers can learn more and volunteer to participate in pilot testing the new standards.

Expanding the Care Team to Improve Outcomes: Minnesota Evaluation Project Highlights Impact of Pharmacy-Based Interventions // Recorded 12/9/2020

In August 2020, MNCM concluded its work on an evaluation project focused on evaluating outcomes of local pharmacy-based interventions to address specific gaps in care for patients with diabetes. This webinar highlights the results of the evaluation, and provides perspectives on the evaluation outcomes from payer participant, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, and the pharmacy network administrator, Thrifty White Drug. The project provided an opportunity to evaluate a pharmacy network’s ability to receive and act on data supplied by a health plan that identified patients with specific gaps in care, and to deliver targeted interventions when patients with diabetes were in the pharmacy on a monthly basis picking up their prescriptions. The evaluation was conducted with collaboration and support from Pfizer.

Preparing to Onboard to PIPE: A Detailed Look at the Process and Requirements // Recorded 11/18/2020

This webinar is for medical groups interested in a deeper dive into the PIPE implementation process and requirements for transitioning to the PIPE data collection system.  MNCM’s implementation team describes the key differences between the current data submission process and the new PIPE process,  provides a detailed overview of the demographic and clinical data files required for the PIPE data standard, and reviews helpful tips that will help medical groups determine the best timeline to onboard to PIPE.

Health Care Cost and Utilization in Minnesota: A Review of Results from 2019 // Recorded 11/12/2020

This webinar highlights the results from MNCM’s 2020 Health Care Cost and Utilization Report that focuses on care delivered in 2019.  MNCM provides an overview of the report and methodology, including new data on trends and variation in total cost of care, prices, and utilization for commercially insured patients.  Independent consultant and health care markets expert Allan Baumgarten provides insights on how the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors are likely to influence market trends for 2020 and beyond.

A New Approach to Measurement: Introduction to MNCM’s PIPE Data Collection System // Recorded 10/28/2020

This webinar provides an overview of MNCM’s new approach to collecting data, calculating measures, and producing performance rates. Attendees will learn how the new method supports community goals to make quality measurement easier for health care providers and improve the timeliness of feedback to health care providers to inform improvement efforts. Content includes a high-level overview of the implementation process and information on what medical groups can do now to prepare for transitioning to PIPE.