How do other Minnesota care systems provide care coordination?

Medical staff collaborating

MNCARES Study Enters Final Year – Release of Study Findings Begins and Continues through 2024 The Minnesota Care Coordination Effectiveness Study (MNCARES) is focused on learning which approaches to care coordination for patients with complex health care needs and/or high health care costs produce the best outcomes for patients. As the study enters its final…

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President’s Blog | Health Care Quality Report, Part 1 Insights

In late August, MNCM published its Health Care Quality Report: Part 1 for measures calculated from clinical data collected in 2023, primarily reflecting care delivered in 2022. The report includes data for a total of 20 clinical quality measures (11 for adults and 9 for children/adolescents). Despite improvement in 2022 for some measures – notably…

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Recent Analysis Shows Racial Disparities in Depression Treatment

Doctor and patient looking at device

By Julie Sonier, MNCM President I recently came across an interesting report on racial disparities in depression treatment by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Published in May 2022, I found this report noteworthy for several reasons.  First, it directly addresses two topics that have been much in the news and the focus of attention…

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President’s Blog | MN Community Measurement: Past, Present, and Future

Street sign pointing in directions with present, past and future

MN Community Measurement (MNCM) has been going through a lot of changes in the last couple of years. Some of the changes are obvious – like new leadership, a new mission statement, new logo, and now a new website. But we’ve also embarked on some ambitious efforts to engage differently with all our stakeholders and,…

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